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About Us

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Hey there, we're Avi Rosan, Nate Rosan, and Simon Vulliez, the passionate teenage founders behind Catch & Crate. Fishing has always been our true passion, and we've spent countless hours honing our skills in both inshore and offshore fishing. We remember the struggles we faced when we were starting out – the lack of guidance and support made it challenging to navigate the fishing world.


Driven by our own experiences, we decided to create Catch & Crate to empower fellow anglers on their fishing journeys. Our mission is simple: to make fishing more accessible, enjoyable, and rewarding for everyone. We want to share our knowledge and provide the tools and support needed to elevate your fishing skills.


With our expertly curated regional tackle boxes, tailored to specific areas and seasons, we aim to make your fishing adventures a breeze. Our quarterly subscription service ensures that you're always equipped with the right gear for the right time. We handpick each item in our boxes, meticulously selecting lures and tackle that we know will help you succeed on the water.


We understand the joy of reeling in a big catch and the satisfaction of mastering different fishing techniques. That's why we're dedicated to providing you with exceptional products and unrivaled customer support. We want to be with you every step of the way, making sure you have the best fishing experience possible.


Join us on this exciting journey as we strive to transform fishing trips into unforgettable memories. We're here to help you become the best angler you can be. So, grab your rod, cast your line, and let's make some unforgettable fishing moments together with Catch & Crate.

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